B-AMP v2.0 is an easy search facility for 2502 protein targets involved in biofilm formation, using Target ID, activity, source organism name, or name of the target across a range of biofilm-forming bacterial species. Each tile for a particular target contains UniProt or PDB annotation, PDB or RoseTTAFold modeled structure (if available), and PubMed links to scientific literature, which can be downloaded by clicking on the respective icons. Please click on the SHOW HELP button for search specifications and the image legend (tiles are color-coded based on PDB functional annotations).



⚡ Search for a target by any part of its name: Fimbrial adhesin or adhesin
⚡ Search for a target by any part of its source organism name: Escherichia coli or coli
⚡ Search for a target or a range of targets by Target ID: Target1 or Target12-25

Each card in the search results is color-coded according to the classification of the target's activity as per PDB.