This section consists of a library of 100 AMPs, filtered from AMPs with known anti-Gram positive activity, that have been evaluated for their ability to interact with the active site triad (Cys-His-Arg) of the mutated Class C Sortase protein (in semi-open conformation) of Corynebacterium striatum. Based on docking results, these AMPs have been grouped into 11 categories on a preference scale of 0-10. This preference scale is based on interactions with the active site residues, other important amino acid residues, as well as docking scores. This is relevant in selecting candidate AMPs for future in vitro and in vivo studies that target sortase enzyme related processes. Each card for a particular AMP contains its own input and output PDBQT files, model image and bond info, which can be downloaded by clicking on the respective icons.

The Standard tab is the docking analysis of the LPMTG Motif of the Pilin Subunit of Corynebacterium striatum.

Protein-peptide docking studies were done using Autodock Vina.

Reference sheet for Docking Interactions




Each card in the search results is color-coded as per the activity exhibited by that peptide.

Anti-Gram Positive Anti-Gram Negative Anti-Gram Positive & Negative Other Activity

(Non anti-bacterial)

Color scheme for interacting residues within images.

His168-Cys230-Arg239 Triad Other interacting residues