B-AMP is an easy search facility for AMPs, using PEP ID, DRAMP ID, or name of the AMP, across a structural and functional library of 5766 AMPs. Each card for a particular AMP contains its own FASTA file, PDB structure file and model image, and PubMed annotations, which can be downloaded by clicking on the respective icons. Please click on the SHOW HELP button for specific instructions and the image legend.

Reference sheet for AMP Library
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⚡ Search for a peptide by any part of its name: raphanus sativus or frogs
⚡ Search for a peptide by its DRAMP or PEP ID: DRAMP01472 or PEP1217
⚡ Search for a range of peptides by their PEP IDs: PEP12-25
⚡ Add commas for running multiple searches: DRAMP01472, PEP1217, PEP12-25


Each card in the search results is color-coded as per the activity exhibited by that peptide.

Anti-Gram Positive Anti-Gram Negative Anti-Gram Positive & Negative Other Activity

(Non anti-bacterial)

Peptides were modeled using:
a) PEP-FOLD3 for peptides of length <50 amino acids.
b) Robetta for peptides of length >50 amino acids.
c) PEP-FOLD3 for peptides containing undetermined ‘X’ amino acids.